Introducing our new beekeeper

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Well what a year (so far) for the honeybees! The winter was long and there was a cold spell towards the end and the poor bees didn’t know what to make of it – they thought it should be Spring by now (just like us.)  However, since the Spring came – it went with a ‘bang’ – the bees have really taken off and there were two great months for the bees until the middle of July. Since then things have cooled off again but they are still out and about when they can on the surrounding heather hills. From our one hive we have managed to take off 33 pots of honey! We have also split the colony into three and are carefully looking after them; keeping our fingers crossed the new queens will get mated as it is rather late in the year for bees – if it doesn’t work, we’ll have another try next year and make sure we do it earlier!

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