Happy feet!

Foot cream with Shea butter, cocoa butter, mint, rosemary and tea tree by Laughing Bird

We received some lovely feedback about our foot cream this week….

“I would just like to let you know how wonderful your foot cream with garden mint, rosemary and tea tree is. I bought it to help the dry skin on my heels. But wow after a few weeks of using twice a day I suddenly noticed it had got rid of the verrucas on my heel, which I had had for about 20 years, that all the standard creams and potions would not remove and what’s more it has also got rid of an ugly wart on my finger tip which had been present for a similar length of time. I now no longer have to hide my finger and can take my socks off without embarrassment at my pilates and yoga class. I am so grateful for such a wonderful product. Thankyou”

Thank you Karen for your comments.

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